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Overcoming Procrastination Training on Audible ( Recorded in 2018)
  1. Gain Momentum
  2. Gain Focus
  3. Gain Freedom


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Let me know if any of these often said phrases sound familiar:
- I will do it later
- I can take care of that tomorrow
- I don't fee like it right now
- It can wait
(Steps over pile of laundry)
Am I right? (Smiles) Or, partially right?
At some point have put off later what you could have took care of at a present moment, but how you "viewed" what needed to be done hindered you from being able to execute that task.
This is common of many and a downfall to most whom struggle in the area of productivity.
Now, my plate is FULL.
I'm a mom, a sister, a friend, a business owner, have a job, go to school, attend all church functions, lead in ministry, contribute to community organization and overall a Leader. I know what it is to be BUSY and have "Life" going on.
But, at the same time my Dreams weighed heavy to me just as much as my daily responsibilities.
I didn't know how to attack my goals, finish what I started and be consistent in doing so.
I received revelation from God as to what the real issues were. It wasn't that I was lazy, or didn't have enough time, … something deeper was at work and I was able to finally get to the bottom of it.
I realized that it wasn't just ME that dealt with this issue, it seemed like everyone that struggled with Procrastination all though different circumstances the root was consistently the same. So, I enclosed in this small but detailed eBook how to overcome this ailment so you can maximize opportunities in your life and build confidence by feeling fulfilled for achieving your goals.
You have nothing to lose! There is no price comparable for what you have to gain by moving forward in your endeavors and becoming productive in your daily pursuits.