Choose Life: How to Get to Your Next Level and Get Unstuck (Paperback) SKU: CLB

Choose Life: How to Get to Your Next Level and Get Unstuck 

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Does any of this sound familiar ... Find it hard to get motivated? Experience Mood Swings? Feel like invisible barriers are surrounding your life? Every time you take 1 step forward, seems like you end up taking 3 steps back. Often feel the lack of consistency and discipline? Does your life have vicious cycles, where you repeat a process over and over again? Do you lack peace? Do you feel like there is something MORE to your life but haven't quite tapped into it as of yet, nor do you know how or where to start? Is your life progressing or are you stuck? Well, there is Good news and then there is Greater news. The good news is, … you are Not Alone and you are completely normal. The Greater news is, you are in the right place at the right time by purchasing this book. Choose Life is the book that has been crafted to get you to the next level in life so you can seize opportunities, live in your Purpose, and Live On Purpose. By providing a practical application with tangible takeaways, this book will bring awareness to every untapped area of your life so you can be intentional about your personal growth and success. By the conclusion of this book, you will – - Be Injected with Faith - Experience a Mind Shift of your current situation - Be Motivated to maximize your greatest potential and seize opportunities - Identify the biggest Trick Satan uses to Mentally Trap you - Develop a Strategy as to HOW to get out of a rut and press toward your higher calling. Let’s Get Activated!!!